Saturday, January 12, 2013


So what's up with these tattoo things? Is it worth it? Although a tattoo is just a bit of ink on your skin it's there for life and it's not cheap to begin with. I've been back and forth on getting a tattoo for many a year and  I think I'm actually getting to the point of getting one. I mean, why the hell not?! You only live once ya know? My dad has always tried to discourage me from getting a tattoo because he regrets getting his one tattoo (which isn't even that big and it's on his calf so not exactly noticeable) but whatever. Both my mom and step-mom have tattoos and both say they don't regret getting them yet, my mom even wants another one and I might get a matching one with her (maybe Lord of the Rings themed!).

Like this, but on my middle finger (above the ring-wearing area)
I have one tat I'm definitely planning on getting, which is an alto clef. I hate the a-holes that get a treble clef tattoo because "music is their life". Do you even READ music?? Those people drive me insane. Have you cried while performing Rachmaninov's Symphony No. 2? No? Then stfu. Anyway, I do not want to be mistaken for one of those people, so a small alto clef is my goal, because I love my viola and I love classical music. My life (quite literally) revolves around it.

Here are a few other tattoos I'm interested in getting, depending on how I like my first.
Princess Mononoke is one of my all time faves, GREEN PEACE

My favorite childhood story

The Lonely Mountain would be an amazing tattoo

And of course, the old standard for the true LOTR fan
Another favorite childhood story, I'm torn!
 Okay, comment which of these are your favorites! Bye!

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